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Roddy Bell, Portrait of the composer Maurice Ravel


Teknikk: Digital tegning

Opplag: 2/ 5

Størrelse motiv: 27,5x 23 cm

Størrelse ark: 48x 30 cm

Produksjonsår: 2022


Roddy Bell

Roddy Bell

Om kunstneren:

Working within several disciplines, often at the same time, Bell´s work often stands outside of contemporary currents, verging towards a form for outsider art. Exploring areas of spirituality and metaphysics, his work is quietly subversive. There is a balance between humor and an undermining sense of fright that requires several viewings to become apparent. The installations involve the use of electronics and rough, primitive constructions, with digitally composed voices and sounds in a bizarre mix. The paintings and drawings are small, humorous but also dark, philosophically speculative but also recognizably personal.


CV_Roddy Bell

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