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Jeff Engberg, #133 Boys in box


Teknikk: Tusj, blekk, akvarell på papir

Størrelse: 40 x 40 cm 

Produksjonsår: 2005


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Jeff Engberg

Jeff Engberg

Om kunstneren

Jeff Engberg:

My artwork progresses without mental intervention (morphogenesis) until a mini-universe takes form. The work is finished when the artist determines that another touch would obstruct the Truth. All ideas are false.

The artist lets the Figurative arise from chaos, nonsense and via deep amoral impulses in the human psyche. Surreal automatism shows Truth in empty landscapes populated with strange, archetypical creatures. Pareidolic Apophenic Morphogenesis Method: to search for things that only exist on the dark screen of the empty mindspace; splashed, scratched and dripped; no objective no final idea. A first contemplation – allow the mind’s-eye to instinctively find the next brush-stroke, the next colouration, the next mistake (pareidolia/apophenia). As the work progresses, these scratches, stains, blobs and lines solidify into a visual object; a face, a rock, a tree, a house. Part of the Beauty is the abstraction itself. Line, colour, form and composition. Only abstract art is pure art.


CV_Jeff Engberg

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