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Taru Kallio, Nebula II.


Teknikk: Grafitt på papir

Størrelse ramme: 46 x 52 cm

Produksjonsår: 2020

Størrelse ramme: 52 x 46 cm

Ramme: Furu, refleksfritt glass (Produsent: King of Frames, Oslo)


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Om kunstneren

Taru Kallio: 

I work with drawing, painting and moving image (video, animation) being interested in gesture copying and repetition. I collect image archives and through careful selection, I work with images making copies out of them.
My works are installations that are fragmented narrations where different elements intermingle creating spaces where new meanings can appear. I put images together creating connections between them, I call these compositions broken storyboards, they are sort of like stories that some part has forgotten. My constant source of curiosity is how the mind can create connections, fill in the blanks, and form stories between images.

CV_Taru Kallio

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