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Stuart McGarey, Heart - Voice


Teknikk: Blyant på papir

Størrelse: 74 x 50 cm

Produksjonsår: 2014


Prisen inkluderer 5% kunstavgift.


Om kunstneren

Stuart McGarey:

Playfulness and improvisation are the most important aspects of my work. Discarded consumer objects, household ephemera, toys and games are broken down, de-constructed and re-purposed in objects and installations. My childhood instinct for incorporating unlikely objects and environments into my playtime scenarios combines with an adult interest in artifice and illusion. I work in several mixed-media styles, Digital paintings, pencil drawings, video and found object construction, each exploring the detritus of human relations and interactions through technology and our own constructed environment. Each have their own take on the idea of layers and levels as metaphor for artifice and shifting perceptions. Drawings are rough, direct and dirty, compositions are semi-improvised which leaves behind traces of previous ideas which are visible at close range, interacting with the newer marks and lines. They give texture to the surface and feed into ideas of changing perceptions and reality.

CV_Stuart McGarey