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FUKT is an international magazine for contemporary drawing, published once a year. It comes without ads, beautifully designed with a focus on the visual, with occasional interviews with interesting artists and essays by engaging authors. The design and format are changing for each issue.

The magazine was established in Trondheim, Norway 1999 and is based in Berlin, Germany since 2001. 

Fukt #17

Participating artists:

Ed Ruscha
Paula Scher
Simon Evans TM
Sketchbook Project
Irma Blank
Nina Papaconstantinou

Mirtha Dermisache
Ariane Spanier
Suzanne Treister
Karl Holmqvist
Pavel Pepperstein
Ingwill Gjelsvik
Marco Raparelli
Nadine Fecht
Shantell Martin
Katrin Ströbel
Xu Bing
Paula Troxler
Mark Lombardi
Stefan Brüggemann
Sol LeWitt
Pae White
Malgorzata Zurada
Philip Loersch
Stefan Marx
Prinzhorn Collection
Roni Horn
Peter Phobia
Annie Vought
Henri Chopin
Petra Schulze-Wollgast
Thomas Broomé
Meg Hitchcock
The Voynich Manuscript


224 pages
ISBN: 978-3-9820098-0-3
23 x 16,5 cm 


Editor: Björn Hegardt
Editorial assistant: Alice Finney
Design: Ariane Spanier