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FUKT is an international magazine for contemporary drawing, published once a year. It comes without ads, beautifully designed with a focus on the visual, with occasional interviews with interesting artists and essays by engaging authors. The design and format are changing for each issue.

The magazine was established in Trondheim, Norway 1999 and is based in Berlin, Germany since 2001. 

Fukt #12

Participating artists:

Corrie Baldauf
Stephen Farthing
Tony Fitzpatrick
Geir Haraldseth
Akira Horikawa
Karl Hans Janke
Sophie Jodoin
Steve Johnson
Reece Jones
Ingeborg Kvame
Thomas Laroche-Joubert
Pia Linz
Lotte Konow Lund
Ole Jørgen Ness
Paul Noble
Christine Ödlund
Yuria Okamura
Raymond Pettibon
Candida Powell-Williams
Cameron Robbins
Sebastian Rug
Owen Schuh
Lorna Simpson
Heike Weber

Video credits:
Art Direction: Ariane Spanier
Design: Maria Nogueira
Music by Alexander Rishaug
From the album “Shadow of Events”
Track: Drawing a day (excerpt)
Label: Dekorder